Student Court

The Student Court is the judicial branch of SGA, with an indirect reporting relationship to the Student Body President. Meetings are every other Monday evenings at 3:30PM in Conference Room A in Middle Powell. On Mondays where Student Court does not meet, the Parking Appeals Committee meets at 3PM in Conference Room A.

Josh Lang

Student Court Chief Justice

Major/Classification: Political Science

Minor:  Legal Studies and History

Hometown: Fort Thomas, KY

Hobbies/Interest: Working in the Department of Government and EKU Mock Trial team


Presided over by the Chief Justice, the Student Court is comprised of 9 justices and a court clerk who serve for the duration of their Eastern career. The Court rules on cases involving SGA Constitutional issues, parking tickets and fines, election disputes, disciplinary cases, and ethics.

The Student Court also provides silent advisors to students who have been documented for alleged violations of the EKU Student Code of Conduct.

If you desire a Silent Advisor, contact Chief Justice, Josh Lang.

If you have a question about parking appeals or other Student Court business, contact Chief Justice Lang. Parking appeals are actually handled by the University Parking Appeals Committee, which is a committee comprised of faculty, staff, and Student Court Justices.

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